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Kristin Hannah: The Nightingale

My first acquaintance with American writer – Kristin Hannah. But certainly not the last one!

It does not just talk about friendship, it is a story about love, family, illness … The last 30 pages shocked me, I couldn’t and I didn’t want to hold back my tears!

Reading it, I found myself in friendships, conflicts with my daughter, in love for my husband, fatigue at the end of the day, and my greatest fears – losing it all.

A story spanning more than three decades in the ever-changing Pacific Northwest, it tells the story of the heartbreaking friendship of the two women, the backbone of their lives. The story of real, very real friendships and what matters most in life. I am fascinated by Hannah’s ability to engage the reader. 

The novel runs through three decades – from an unexpected acquaintance of girls to the End … when everything could have been foreseen and sensed, but reading, it didn’t make it any easier emotionally. Unfortunately, this injustice often occurs in life. And there was a wonderful feeling reading that so many friendships, principles, emotions, feminine jealousy, naivety, and other nuances did not break down this strong friendship. It should be everywhere and always.

More and more often I come across the notion that one has to live rather than exist. That we need to do what is really important to us, not the standards, or some of the norms set by society. More important is the family and ourselves. After all, no one will return years spent in vain, wasted opportunities or lost friends or just dear people.

I have seen a lot of morals in this book. And many truths. And it made me think. Nice story, warm characters and layers of emotion. Here’s what you’ll get after reading.

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