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Refugees in our house

Here in the Philippines, there is no law against stray dogs. So, you will see dogs almost on every street.  Some tend to chase some vehicles, especially the noisy open-muffler motorbikes. I think they hate the noise.We had a dog that passed away last year. He was about 8 years old. But before he passed away, he brought home a female dog that was pregnant (the one sitting on the background). Unfortunately, since we don’t stay regularly in our house, we were not able to take care of the pups and they died. However, the female dog stayed. I don’t know who’s her original owner.

One evening last December, we found three pups cuddled on our porch. We were not home for two or three days before that. One of the pups was already a rigid corpse. He probably died earlier that day. The two survivors are still around.

Then, one early morning in March, I think, I woke up with the sound of a whining pup outside our bedroom window. It was raining heavily. When I went out to see, I saw a black puppy taking shelter from the rain. But he did not leave the premise even after the rain has stopped. He is the black one with white ‘socks’ in the photo. Until now, I haven’t named him.

The white big dog, in the photo, has been visiting the house for months already. He was courting the female dog. But since last month he decided to stay. I thought he was our neighbor’s dog, but when I asked them, they said no.

At the moment, we have five dog refugees and three surviving pups. Yeah, the female dog had a litter a week ago. And it seems she tends to lose her pups. :(.

Well… at least we have some dogs guarding the house whenever we are not around.

BTW, I haven’t named most of them. I named one that may have some chihuahua blood in him. The big white one in the photo looks like an offspring of a good breed as well, but I’m not that good in identifying the breed of dogs.

The rest are clearly ‘Aspin’ or ‘Asong Pinoy’ – the name for local breeds.

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  1. Actually I myself have had one dog in my adult life and two cats. One cat wandered in the street at 13 weeks old and the other was left to die at 2 days old and a family found her and gave her up at 3 months old. I am her proud owner now. I believe stray animals deserve homes and animals from shelters also deserve homes. Animals have better hearing than us so there are noises that really bother them.

  2. Shelter is better than nothing. As long as they have water and a few bites to eat, I commend your actions. I really would love to take one away from you but unfortunately dogs are banned from the building where I reside. Keep on giving them shelter and cuddles whenever you are home and they will be your companions for life…

    • Yeah, that’s what I can afford to give for now. Shelter, water, and just a few bites to eat. One thing that I like about these dogs is, they never drop their poos just anywhere. I never trained them but they seem to know where to go when they need to poo. I don’t even see them wet the concrete floor or even on the driveway.

  3. That is wonderful that you are caring for them. I have always had cats but I am considering adopting a dog so I can get outside a bit each day. If you have one that fits in a small box send him to me I will gladly take the dog. lol

    • Thanks… I wish I could do that and send one to you. hehe. But I think, maybe I will post the photos of the surviving pups on FB for any takers in a couple of weeks. They would be a month old by then. I guess they would be old enough to be separated from their mother…


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