There is no house or household in which we can not find at least 10 worsted bags that do not serve anything. Nowadays, manufacturers of these bags make them so thin and weak and even if we build them around the house, we almost never use them. We bring you a great idea, how to make something useful from old and useless nylon bags from a super-market, or what we would say: recycling at work! Most often plastic bags are bagged, purses, wallets, although creativity has no end, so we can do a lot.

Plastic bags of “tregerose”, which are widely used in shops and markets, are the most dangerous in the environment because they are not disintegrating in nature, and their recycling is expensive and difficult to perform. Monthly consumption of these bags in Serbia is close to 200 million pieces, and for the production of only one bag, about 200 milligrams of carbon dioxide is emitted. Do not throw plastic bags, you can make a variety of things from them.

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  1. I often reuse my plastic bags and there is a place in supermarkets where people place plastic bags to be recycled I do that too. I love your green ideas. Thrown away plastic kills dolphins and whales in the sea. Something needs to be done to clean it up now.

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