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Problems in our life

Some people take everything from life, others don’t bother and swim downstream. If we combined these qualities at some point in our lives and concentrated our energy, we could achieve incredible victories.

Similar wisdom sounded yesterday in an old movie. There is the vintage movie season for me now, sometimes black-and-white, with a lot of talks and little action, and a lot of pearls if you are not lazy to listen. After all, there were no self-help books in those days as they are now. So no wonder people learned to live from movies. 

This is what I wish for today – taking a leisurely swim where the river of life carries – grasping all the opportunities that flow through you, lest it passes by.

What about the problems? Well, sometimes you just have to calmly float on the raft before the problem resolves itself and sinks. Money can solve other problems. But this is no longer a problem but a cost. Of course, there may be something terrible that impossible to solve with money but life will help us in one or other way. 

Most problems we make up in our mind by ourselves.  As Einstein said, negative people have a problem for every solution. And how many more do we create by brainstorming, unnecessary self-analysis and self-etching, imagining that all enemies are around and “what he/she meant to say”.

And then 10 percent remains the real problems that you need to tackle bravely. They’re from a series where you have to take everything from life to the last drop of blood, hoping to succeed. 

Everything else – let it float quietly on the river of life …

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