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Pregnancy over pregnancy “how” ?

Pregnancy and childbirth are common. Often pregnant mothers give birth to two or three babies simultaneously,  but did you know that having one pregnancy, Can a second pregnancy take place ?

The second pregnancy in the presence of one pregnancy is called superfetation In which one embryo despite the presence of another embryo begins to grow. It is usually possible for pregnant mothers to give birth to twins, however, it is also possible that both babies are born at different intervals on different dates.

But pregnancy over pregnancy, this process is very different from the birth of twins. Pregnancy of twins stays together and the weight and blood group of children born is usually the same. If a baby is suffering from a congenital disease, then both of them are infected.

On the contrary, superfetation In is followed by the first one and then the second pregnancy after a period of time. In fact under normal circumstances, when the eggs are exchanged between the ovaries and the uterus, the pregnancy take place and after the pregnancy, these two organs stop exchanging eggs, because they receive signals from the hormones to develop a baby in the uterus.However, sometimes this exchange does happen again, which causes another pregnancy over pregnancy.

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