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Phobias #2

The second part of phobias looking at strange phobias you might know exists among people.

6. Chorophobia

I am not good at dancing however there are people who are afraid to dance even when they’re alone.

7. Arithmophobia

This one is real. It affects many people. There are people who are afraid of numbers. I feel sorry for these people because you cat avoid numbers. It’s everywhere.

8. Bibliophobia

Yah, there are people who are afraid of books. Don’t mention to them about reading a book or hand them a book.

9. Arachibutyrophobia

Hmm…Fear of peanut butter. Strange but true. Some people fear peanut butter sticking on the roof of their mouth.

10. Geliophobia

We like smiling and laughing. But, some fear the thought of laughing. They do all they can not to laugh. They’re anxious what might happen if they laugh.


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Written by Benny


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