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Pelosi: “I shredded the state of his mind”

It’s very telling. Pelosi’s seething to a boiling point of madness beat the predicted 11-year catastrophic climate-change out of its hell fire revenge on the world. Pelosi made the first  2020 world record melt-down– hostile than global warming.

Indignant when asked why she ripped asunder all that was recorded from the official copy of President Trump’s SOTUS address to every American. She said, without taking a deep breath, “I ripped the manifesto of mistruths.”

Furthermore, Pelosi added,  “I defended the Constitution and am protecting the entire American people from hearing and believing the lies this forever-impeached President is saying.”

She has proven, matter of factly, that climate-change is not after all,  “The threat to our Constitition and our country.”


The display of tantrums, undignified and bitter response to America’s state to affairs, probably, the side-effects of the Democrats’ failed atrempt at removing Trump from Presidency and after Trump’s impeachment acquittal.

  • Did Trump win again?

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    • No


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  1. @DocAndersen: “wow.
    congrats. You just responded to facts with supposition.”

    Thanks for the “wow and congrats”. Yea, just like Shift-Nadler-House managers of impeachment did— suppositions in their arguments in the Senate. They lost. Oh, including: “If Trump doesn’t get removed from office, he will give Alaska to the Russians and let Jared Cushner run the White House.” … And all other stuff.

    Anyway, the bottom line is America’s economy is booming, people are happy, terrorist leaders dead. What more could you ask for? I hope you are not one of the white straitjacketed sookies glued on their seats at the SOTU address to the great American people. Cheer up, Doc, our fellow Americans are in good shape now because of our acquitted loved President. 🙂

  2. I suspect you won’t like what I have to say.

    Trump is impeached.
    He struggles to tell the truth. He just lied on twitter about a decorated war Veteran. Maturity is firing someone and taking the high road.

    no American president ever has had a job satisfaction rating below 50% for more than two years ever. Trump is heading into year 4.

    There was a time when the value of a human being was our willingness to see the good in others.

    Is that now lost forever?

    • What you said is fine. I’m glad you came on to comment.

      Did you know that the impeachment agenda began on DAY 1 of Trump’s election? They just kept trying to make up something to impeach him. Finally, after 3 1/2 years of the ‘solemn and sacred’ House impeachment VOTE, well, they got what they wanted.

      The House Democrats VOTED to impeach Trump. The Constitution hasn’t.

      • 1. Donald Trump lost the popular vote. By more than 3 million. Becoming only the 3rd president in the history of the United States to become president via the Electoral College only.
        2. He started the process by claiming there were 5 million illegal votes cast.
        3. He then had his spokesperson say his inauguration was bigger than Obama’s.
        4. he had the National Park service take down a picture of record that clearly showed how sparse the crowds were.
        5. He appointed a former Oklahoma Oil person in charge of the EPA. That person was found to be corrupt and booted out of office. That was the first of many.

        By definition, the House, under the guidelines of the US Constitution impeached president trump. He is forever impeached, the 3rd president ever impeached. The constitution outlines the process of impeachment.

        Based on the constitution a republication house of representatives impeached Bill Clinton. While there was a lot of partisanship in that one as well, it is truly a sad reality. No one until Mitt Romeny had ever voted to impeach a president of his own party.

        • Thanks, Doc. I don’t think everything the NEVER-Trumpers do matter much among Americans– based on current Gallup polls compared to Obama’s low approval rating the same time of Trump’s higher approval in only 3 years.

          In conclusion, he won the Presidency. Has made America great again with the campaign promises fulfilled. And is going to be President again, 2020. IOWA caucus was a disaster.

          Yes, Bill Clinton was impeached– forever impeached. 🙂

          Mitt Romney hilariously is sooking and took the candy off Trump. And Trump let Romney lick his sweet moment.

          • wow.
            congrats. You just responded to facts with supposition.

            How is America great again?
            Gun violence up
            Hate crimes at an all-time high
            Trump’s approval in 3 years, is not anywhere near OBAMA’s that is just wrong.

            This never Trumper thing doesn’t exist.

            What about the woman that has accused trump of inappropriate behavior?

            He reached his HIGHEST approval rating of 49% right after the impeachment vote this week.

            that means more than 1/2 of Americans do not approve os him.

  3. What a shame for your poor country, which was once held in high esteem even by those countries who did not agree with its policies. Its current regime has dragged America’s reputation through the muck, and its president has become a laughing stock. It will take a long time to recover its former position of respect.

    • I don’t think Americans think it’s ‘poor country’, neither it hasn’t recovered worldwide respect since Trump administration. In what ways Americ is ‘dragged through the muck because the President is a laughing stock’? Any suggestions for solutions how ‘can America will recover’?

      • Far be it from me to presume to tell Americans how to run their own house, Mama. I offer the widely-held international perception of what has become of your great nation. It is of course sad to see so many in denial about this.

        • Indeed. Back to my premise, Pelosi and her minions are still in denial that Donald Trump is the President. All she could do was throw a tantrum and rip everything about the great Americans Trump acknowledged in his SOTU speech.

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