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There are many reactions for us to choose from but I just saw someone choosing the WTF on a post of mine  That post did not warrant such a reaction at all.  I therefore assumed it has something to do with someone hating me and I know who that user is. 

In this pandemic what we need is compassion and concern for each other and not hatred and animosity. All what I can say to that user is GROW UP!!!

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Written by grace


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  1. I write on a restaurant review site called Yelp where they have just selections useful, cool, and funny to sum up the review entirely. So I understand where you are coming from because I get heated when someone chooses funny instead of useful or cool on a review I put together that is clearly not funny.

  2. I am sorry but, I am not familiar with what WTF means? I find that there are people that care and there are those that do not during this crisis. I am sorry that there is someone that mean to you here.


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