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Does time heal or not?

In our Christmas family meeting, we had a discussion does time really heals? We have lost our dad and one of my sisters (we were four sisters), so we discussed does time has healed our souls already. 

One of my sisters claims that time does not heal wounds. It does not allow us to breathe freely. Perhaps the one who hugs you stronger every day is healing. The moments spent with someone else, somewhere else heal too. Music heals. Travels and new people heal us. Dreams of a new life heal. The love heals. Having all that you want to live again. Time does not heal. Time goes by but nothing changes. But there is always a moment in life when time stops.

The only person who can save the situation and make life easier is YOU. No time you stop or lock anywhere will change nothing. Emotions will calm down but will last forever. Maybe will be hidden under our wrinkles or the dust but they will wake up. Sooner or later.

Only working with yourself, with your soul and inside will make it easier to get out of bed one day. Nothing destroys a person from the inside like pretending that everything is fine.

So, what is your opinion, time heals or not? 

  • Does time heal or not?

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  1. the old adage being “time heals all wounds”

    it is a reality that doesn’t fit. Time simply creates barriers around the pain, the sad memories. They are not lessened When the barriers fall the sad memories burst back into the world.

    Pain is hard to deal with a day after, 10 years after.

    time is simply helping us build the skills to cope with the pain.

  2. That is a rather complicated question. After I lost my soul mate I stopped listening to people telling me time healed. I found out that even though it gets easier as time passes you keep expecting to see that person and anything at all can bring back the memories and you are once again at square one

  3. I suppose it depends on what part of us is healing. Time does tend to heal physical wounds, and pains sometimes, as the body is sort of self-healing over time in this way.

    But deeper wounds than just physical ones, I also think that time does not heal these.

    We need to work on them in other ways, to try to work out why we are hurting, and what we can do to heal, in short, working with our self, as you said.

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