Nothing is eternal

Imagine that you saw a majestic and beautiful eagle soaring high in the sky. If you want it to always remain in the sky, then when the eagle hides in the clouds, you will be disappointed.

If watching the eagle, you will constantly think that it will soon disappear from sight, you will not be able to enjoy the moment. Instead, admire the eagle, get your portion of emotions, rejoice that you were able to catch the moment and see it.

And when he disappears from sight, do other things without regret; in the end, all life, after all, does not revolve around one eagle. If it still happened that you are feeling sad, then the sooner you engage in something, the faster the sadness will pass. Of course, the eagle was just an example. 

All bad and good things are finite. There is no endless bucket of ice cream, it has value just because it can end. If any good were infinite, it would lose value.

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