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On watching sports and the "instant replay"


I was watching the NBA game on TV yesterday. I am a horrible fairweather NBA fan. I only watch during the playoffs. But I do enjoy watching the best basketball players in the world play. One of the things that I grew up loving Basketball, so it isn’t unusual for me to watch a lot during the playoffs (when there are 0 games watched during the regular season and roughly 1-2 partial game son the weekends, that is a huge increase!). I am a college basketball fan; I watch as many games as I can throughout the year. It was something my dad and I did together. My grandfather and I used to watch American Football. My dad and I watched football as well, but my dad never watched either professional basketball or professional football is he could help it.

One of the things my grandfather and father had in common was yelling at the television set. In 1976 dad and I would often go to Indiana University Basketball games. I used to love to keep score of the game. At halftime, dad would say how many points did May have and so on. I would tell him. I am not sure why I am sharing this, I’ve shared it before but, one game in 1976 dad said: “who scored.” I listed off the five starters and the sub that had played that (Buckner, May, Wilkerson, Abernathy, Benzon, and Radford) and gave the point totals. I also had for someone reason tracked the number of times dad had stood up during the game, so I told him “you stood up 15 times.”

The reason for this is I noticed at halftime as we went back to the NBA game yesterday they shared what was called next level stats. Things that while we thought about years ago, we didn’t track. The amazing technology that they have now for sports broadcasts is impressive. You can, when watching golf, see the flight of the ball as it leaves the club head. You can while watching soccer see the replay of the goal, showing why the person was free and how they scored the goal. The same is true in basketball and football as well as all the Olympic sports. The ability to stop and replay the moment changes the game forever. Now, there are many people that hate replay. But I have to say I am a fan now!

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