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Often in order to live, we have to change

When an eagle reaches the age of 30- 40, its claws become too long and curved, which prevents him from grabbing its prey. The eagle’s beak becomes too long and curved so it cannot peck. The feathers on the chest and wings begin to thicken and become heavy, which prevents them from flying. And the eagle has to choose – death or painful regeneration, which would last 150 days.

He flies into his nest at the top of the mountain, and there he beats his beak into a rock until the beak breaks and falls. He then waits for a new beak to grow, with which he roots out his claws. When new claws grow, the eagle pulls its overly heavy feathers out of its chest and wings. And then, after 5 months of pain and suffering, with a new beak, claws, and feathers, the eagle is reborn and can live another 30 years.

Very often in order to live, we have to change. Sometimes these changes are accompanied by pain, fear, and doubt. Memories and habits of the past disappear, leaving room for new ones. It is the release of the burden of the past that provides an opportunity to live and enjoy the present and to be prepared for the future.

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  1. I am living proof that you can turn your life upside down and survive if you have to. I never thought I would lose my soul mate this early. I never thought I would return to my homeland the US and when I had no choice I did and even though it still is not easy I just live from day- to- day

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