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Not marrying is the secret of my longevity.

Washington: An American woman celebrating her 107th birthday revealed not marrying is the secret of my longevity, eat a healthy diet, exercise daily, and eat more Italian food.”

Said Louis Cignor, a native of the New York City Bronx. But she think the real reason she live more than a century is because she  is unmarried. She added, “I still dance with daily workouts and music, and It’s great to play bingo game after lunch, All my days are very pleasant, even at the age of 107 I am living a very vibrant life.

Louis Cignor’s sister is 102 years old, Regarding her age, she said that I wish I would not get married. Louis Cignor also bought things herself for her birthday, while more than 100 attended her birthday.

In my opinion, The secret of Louis Cignor’s longevity may also be genetic, as her 102-year-old sister is still alive and in good health.

Louise Cignor and her sister are the oldest women living in New York. The world’s oldest 114-year-old lady  is Eliliah Murphy, now from the United States. but he lives in Harlem, New York.

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