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Negative Emotions causes Cancer

Many of us suffer from hatred and anger against those who do wrong with us and we want to take revenge, but do you know what these emotions can harm us?

Experts say that negative emotions like anger and hatred can cause us to suffer from diseases like cancer, According to a research, negative emotions not only harm the brain but also harm the body.

These emotions produce chronic anxiety, and produce anxiety and adrenaline hormone in the body. These hormone growth in the body damage the immune cells which fight against cancer in the body. So increase of these emotions can lead to cancer in humans.

According to experts, the easiest way to avoid this situation is to deal with things and promote forgiveness, It is beneficial for both mental and physical health.

According to research, those who are committed to forgive are also better physical health as well as mental stress reduction, their sleep is also better, gastrointestinal problems occur less, and very less medication for different disease.

  • Are you a revenge person?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Are you an apologist?

    • Yes
    • No
  • When did you last time forgive a person and why ?

    • Yes
    • No

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  1. I could write volumes on the subject of positive thinking My ‘Guru’ is Norman Vincent Peale whose book ‘Power of positive thinking’ converted me overnight so to say

    I can sum up by saying ‘It is not how much one has but what one makes of what one has is the route to happiness’

  2. I think that everything can cause cancer. It seems that no one really knows so it is anything.

    I am a complex person. There are times when I feel like I must stand my ground and make a point. There are times when I need to apologize and try to make things right.

    I consider “respect” is a gift that I freely give. If you then display disrespect, it is a gift I take back. Once my mind is made up it takes hard evidence to get me to make a change. I am no better than anyone else.

  3. I am not a revengeful man only when I do not care forgiveness for once … I have not spoken to my sister for 20 years … I do not want anything bad for her; she alone does not exist for me … God will take care of her

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