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Nature Tuesday ~ Cucumber is a healthy vegetable

This is another crop from my garden. I adore cucumbers, especially in salads.

Cucumbers contain 97% water, have only about 16 calories per 100 grams and raw contain a multitude of vitamins and other beneficial minerals. Cucumber flesh is basic and therefore balances digestive juices.

Its healing effects are versatile. It lowers blood cholesterol, stimulates the excretion of toxic substances from the body, regulates blood sugar and relieves the pancreas. It is great for stomach problems as it helps to achieve a normal ratio of basic and acidic substances in the body. It also has a beneficial effect on the kidneys, bladder, intestines, liver and gallbladder, eliminates kidney and gallstones. It has a diuretic effect and is therefore excellent for cleansing the body. Cucumber juice is also used in the cosmetics industry. It is great for face and skin care. Externally, it is used for compresses or juice for more beautiful skin and wrinkles around the eyes. It has a cleansing effect, softens, moisturizes and whitens the skin, and is also an effective rejuvenating vegetable.

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