Music Artist of the Day: Old Dominion

Today I decided to talk about a newer music artist/group. They go by the name Old Dominion.

According to information I have read, the band was founded in 2007. I have only heard their music on the radio for the past few years, so that is why I say they are a newer band.

Old Dominion is a Country music group/band consisting of five members. They are:

  • Matthew Ramsey- Lead vocals
  • Trevor Rosen – Guitar and keyboard
  • Whit Sellers – Drums
  • Geoff Sprung – bass
  • Brad Tursi – guitar

You may ask where they got their name? Old Dominion is the nickname of the name of the state where four of the members are from (Virginia).

The group has put out two different studio albums since 2014. Their first huge successful hit came out in 2015, “Break Up With Him”.

Over the past 2 years they have won 2 awards out of the 13 they were nominated for.

They are still in the beginning stages it seems, but I think they are doing pretty well.

Personally I am a fan of their music. I especially like their latest song that is out on the radio, “Written in the Sand”.

Are you a fan of Old Dominion? If so, which of their songs is your favorite?  Feel free to vote in the poll below.

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  • What is the best Old Dominion song?

    • No Such Thing As A Broken Heart
    • Song For Another Time
    • Written in the Sand
    • Break Up With Him
    • Other (leave in comments below)


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