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Musician of the Day : Collin Raye

I know I usually post about musicians in the poll section of the site, but I decided to post it under the embed format so I could share a video.  I might go back to the poll format though because I like adding the list of songs so you can all vote for your favorite.  Do you like that too, or do you like this better?

Anyways….about the artist:

Collin Raye is a country music artist and  was born in 1960 as Floyd Elliot Wray.  He is from Nashville Tennessee.

He started his music career back in 1983, but he was really popular in the 90’s.  He came out with his first album in 1991, and 13 other albums between then and his last one in 2014.

I usually like to talk about how many awards an artist has won, but I couldn’t really find how many Collin has won.

Next topic I write/ask about is favorite songs from the artist.  Mine is the one I shared above, “That’s My Story”.  He has a lot of other songs that are great as well.  I would love to hear your favorite, feel free to share it below!

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