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Musician of the Day: Eric Church

I recently started a series that I thought would be a lot of fun: Musician of the Day. I wanted to review musicians, but also to hear what you all think about the artist that I pick for the day. I am posting this series in the poll section so you can pick your favorite popular song from them.

Today I chose Eric Church. He’s one of my husband’s favorite music artists so that’s why I chose him next. I like his music as well, and think he’s very talented at what he does.

Eric was born in North Carolina in 1977. He is a country singer and song writer.

So far he has come out with 6 albums. He has won 14 different music awards over the past 6 years (starting in 2011).

What do you all think of Eric Church? Are you a fan of his music? What is your favorite song? Below I have a list of some of his songs, feel free to vote on which one your favorite.

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  • Which Eric Church song is your favorite?

    • Record Year
    • Round Here Buzz
    • Kill a Word
    • Talladega
    • Springsteen’
    • Creepin’
    • Love Your Love The Most
    • Guys Like Me
    • These Boots
    • Cold One
    • Hell on the Heart
    • Two Pink Lines
    • Mistress Named Music
    • Mixed Drinks About Feelings
    • Knives of New Orleans
    • Other (Please Specify in Comments)


What do you think?


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