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Five psychological books that will change the way you see the world

The psychology nowadays turned into a specific, yet interesting topic, especially for the youngsters looking for new challenges written on a piece of paper that make them think in an unusual and different way. There are plenty of books recommended by the experts that is believed that, after reading them, they will open new horizons in your mind. However, out of all the highly recommendable books, I decided to make a list of five most influential ones. 

“The Hypnotist” by Lars Kepler

This book is one of those that will make a great impact on you and the way you see the world, yet will make you think about the reality and everything that’s connected with it. It is a psychological thriller that will surprise you with its culmination. 

In Sweden there is a horrible massacre in which an entire family has been killed. But when the police comes at the place of the crime discovers that the little kid, Yusef, even though injured badly is, however, still alive. A hypnotist willing to discover the truth behind the crime and the doer of it hypnotizes the entire family. What he reveals after all this is incredible and unbelievable!

“The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne

“The Secret” is the bestseller of all the books written for psychological help. It is written after a same-named movie. The book is written based on the Law of the Attraction and, according to the writer, the power of the positive thinking could bring you results that will change your life for better as more wealth, happiness and health. 

You will be impressed when Ronda explains you how does your subconscious manipulates with your conscious and how could you achieve and get everything you want!

“Who will cry when you die” by Robin Sharma

If you are willing to replace the feeling of loneliness inside you with deep feelings of satisfaction, peace and passion, this is the best book you could ever read! It will open your mind in order to understand the power you have in respect of your wills that you could start using even today, as for example the power of killing the punishment inside you.

“Aleph” by Paulo Coelho

In this novel Coelho starts a trip in order to get back to the past, in some of the previous lives, so he could ask for forgiveness the woman he loved so deeply but somehow hurt her five centuries ago. With this book you will be taught about the soulmates, reincarnation and karma.

“Little Hans” by Sigmund Freud

In this book Freud writes about the case of little Hans who happens to have attacks of anxiousness, fear of horses and a strong connection with his mother. After trying everything in order to overcome this, his father decides to take him to Freud. Freud is interested a lot about the case and that’s when the psycho-analysis begins. 

This book is full of psychiatric phrases that might even confuse you if you are not well concentrated. However you won’t like to leave it unfinished as you will be intrigued about Hans and what will happen with him later. 


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