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Money is more important or love?

It has been discussed for a long time what is more important in human life, Money or love ? Different people respond differently due to their experiences.

Some people say you can earn money but not love by working hard and that’s why love is a rare and precious. On the contrary to this , some people believe that money keeps life comfortable, easy and fruitful and the grief of not getting love can also be proved wrong.

However, one thing is certain that humans have the value of the same thing that they lose. Big wealthy people suffer from Feeling of deprivation of love.

To get answer to this question, a test conducted in New York City. On a board, it discovered from people what they think is more important than wealth and love. People on the road responded to this question and it was finally seen that more people supported love instead of wealth.

Watch video – click HERE  Money OR LOVE 

The same question I wanted to ask to all virily members

  • Is money important to you ?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Is love important to you ?

    • Yes
    • No
  • both are Important ?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. Money is a means to meet our needs. Money does not buy health love and happiness.
    A powerful force lies in love. It does miracles. To the one who has love, no force can counteract. He is a newcomer. He lives in peace and light. Because of love, people are ready for such sacrifices that they would never have done without love. Love ennobles man and improves conditions. I am for love.

  2. Money is nice to have, but ‘enough’ money for the necessities are really all that is needed. Love, on the other hand, can’t be bought or earned. It is worth nothing if it isn’t given freely (agape love), yet when it is given freely, it is far more valuable than gems and riches.

  3. For a happy life, both are needed … money does not mean much to me. Unfortunately, without money we can not survive. Love I do not know what to say … even without love, you can hardly live but spend … without money you could not be long to live … at least not normally …. it’s my opinion

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