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Monarch butterflies migration from America

Millions of butterflies migrated to Mexico from the cold north areas of the United States. Infinite flying butterflies covered the sky and colored it. As every year this year, more than one billion butterflies migrate from North America to Mexico.

The Monarch breed butterflies travel 4,000km each year in November to reach the hottest part of Mexico. Where they enjoy the sun shine and also breed their own fresh produced generation.

These black and orange butterflies are present in large numbers in the United States and Canada, Each year, however, they migrate to warmer areas in winter and return when the winter is over.

The sad part of this migration is, During this migrations, many butterflies die due to malnutrition and long trips. On average, 4 out of every 10 butterflies die before reaching their destination.

The average lifespan of this butterfly also just from 2 to 6 weeks, during which they can lay about 250 to one thousand eggs. One most important thing about this butterfly , This butterfly enrichment has also been successfully tested in space.

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