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Meet Willie our Budgie – Our first bird rescue

We found Willie five years ago chased by crows and mercilessly attacked by them.  After chasing the crows away we found him bleeding , his feathers all pulled out especially his tail feathers. We knew that he was someones pet so we asked all our neighbors and put poster of him everywhere but no one claimed him. We nursed him back to health with some advice from the vet.

Willie would peck at us and make us bleed when we tried to help him. It took him some time to understand that we were friends. He hated being put in a cage. He was always on my son’s head or shoulders but we knew if he flew away again he would be in danger. He has become our pet , we tried getting him a mate but he would peck her so much that we had to take her away.

He has grown into a  healthy bird now, but he is still pecks. He has learned to love his cage and plays with the dazzling beads that hang in his cage.  He has his preferences, he loves my younger son and my husband , he is okay with me, but just tolerates my older son. Silly Willie we call him.

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