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Meet My Babies

Here are our pets, Spark and Zoe.  They are like chalk and cheese. So different from each other and yet so loving and sweet.

They have such different personalities. Spark is a gentle dog , Zoe is a tomboy full of vigor and life. Zoe is amusing and fun to be with, Spark is calm and peaceful.

Zoe is everywhere, Spark is where you expect him to be.  Zoe loves chasing something, anything, a ball , a leaf or some poor fly that somehow got in , if she doesn’t find anything amusing she is behind me and follows my every movement. She is a gardener’s dog. She just watches me do everything, but doesn’t disturb. She loves fresh tomatoes, lettuce, carrots and green beans from the garden.

Spark hates to get wet or dirty himself.

These two bring so much joy and cheer to our lives.

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Written by Dawn


  1. I like their feature. I thought dogs of this type of breed are always jovial. It looks it’s not all of them.
    What breed of dog is this called?

  2. Awe, how cute they are. I think shih tzus are so cute. Funny how two of the same breed can be so different right? Sounds like they balance each other out. Cuties!