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Macro Monday – Raindrops on the grass

Have you ever felt the smell of wet grass? I love it! It can help me reducing the stress and raise the daily mood.

It rained in the morning. In the afternoon the sun came out. I went out and I take Maya as well. I have had a brief photo session. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to take some raindrops photos.

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Written by Ileana Calotescu


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      • Heh… I’m very disappointed you think so and that you can not distinct what IS great and what is LESS great….. Isn’t it obvious from my comments what I think about your photography………..?????!! And why I always comment them……..?????!! I only said it’s not ALL the pictures/posts that are THAT GREAT, but it’s obvious your photos/photography are/is great.
        But I also feel very bad even explaining this to you while you seem not to even bother nor like ANY of my posts AND WORK…… So ungrateful……!!!!!

          • Mine too but I still don’t understand what are YOU talking about….. Maybe you have some other interpretations I’m not familiar with… But I still see you didn’t care at all to delete that post that disturbed me while your own feelings were the only thing important there… Why expect you to understand anything else then…..
            Good for you… Keep up the “support”…..

            PS Since earning isn’t important to you and you are not here to earn why not turn off every payment you get, every payment which we, other members contributed to…

          • …like you said in that post…, “I don’t know I only posted about these two cute dogs”… Yes, two cute dogs and my personal conversation with another member – NOT YOU…..! You are so “naive”…..

            And if you already understood what I meant why did you ask me to explain then… Like I said, maybe you have some other interpretations I’m not familiar with due to your own intentions and thinking which I now find pretty vicious…..

          • And like I said, I comment what I like and the people I (want to) support and consider friends because I thought they considered me too… So because I consider them that way sometimes I DO comment things I don’t like THAT MUCH, because that is Support…!, and it is always clear from my comments…, because I AM sincere… If you don’t see it nor understand it that way that speaks about you…..
            Again, you don’t even deserve my explanations…..

          • If your IQ is above average then you probably know that publishing the whole conversation of the two members which already disturbed them would “possibly” disturb them even more…! The thing that you took it personally while it had nothing to do with you should be your own problem and not negatively contribute to ours!!! If you wanted to express how you feel about it the way to politely do it is to explain the situation and not to copy-paste the whole conversation with all the links and everything… I could somehow understand the link but the whole conversation…..! It’s like you didn’t think AT ALL how the actors would feel and what else that could cause like you probably didn’t…
            And I have to explain this for the 50th time and you still don’t understand, so yes, that is why I doubt what you do and what you don’t understand, but nevermind…..

      • PS I must add…, you once said to me you are not here to earn, but I think that is not true at all because I know you only from the sites that pay, and there are several ones… If earning isn’t important to you why posting on sites that pay… There are plenty of sites that don’t pay, even are more visited and give your work more exposure and yet you choose to post on the ones that do…..
        We are all here to earn and to post our work, and if there is no mutual support, what this site is for…….? I am not asking you to do something you don’t want or like, I’m just expressing my disappointment in the people I considered friends and did some things for them because of that but primarily because I liked what they posted… When I say there are things I didn’t like, that means there are things that I liked less and one can always conclude that by my comments… It is even absurd for me to give explanations about that… Even more because they are not quite deserved since it seems you don’t like anything I post which is quite impossible to be…..
        But forget it…

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