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Macro Monday Mug

Another Macro Monday. The days go by very quickly it seems. Another photo to share with this Macro Monday challenge. I collect Eeyore mugs and other items. 

This mug is probably my favorite. It holds about one and one half cups of coffee. 

Photo ©CarolDM2018

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Written by Carol DM


  1. Monday was good today since when sports games end in controversy like the Saints game, it brings up my creative juices like “If Saints fans wants to go a Super Bowl, go to a local bowling alley and have fun.”

  2. I’ve never been in ponderous times since the past … .. one of my retired people does not disturb me too much on Mondays … I have every day Sunday hahaha

  3. Nice mug! You really love Eeyore!

    Today have been a mix of happy and not so happy.
    Had a great dinner with my sister and she footed the bill!! hehe
    Then came back to something not so good but then never mind … 🙂