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Macro Monday – Magnolia flowe

I have to go through a lot a photos in my files and came across this Magnolia flower…

Taken in Manurewa, south Auckland.

By the way South Auckland is the most dangerous place to live in, in New Zealand – too many gun crimes. Ambulance drivers fear this place and often have to go there under police escort. 

Most of the South Aucklanders are good, but as people there live in poverty, so too does crime go with it. Most of the people I have met there are lovely kind people, unfortunately, the crime lords rule the place. There has been more murders there than any other place in New Zealand.  

Anyway, this place is by a fancy house that is an art gallery that has expensive art lessons..and art exhibitions. It was taken many years ago.


What do you think?

Written by Pamela Moresby


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  1. I will post a story about the magnolia instead of a comment.
    In China, where the flower is highly revered, people believe that magnolia has a history. The legend tells of a young girl from a poor family who knew how to make beautiful paper flowers, which she then sold to passers-by. One day a parrot flew into her room and promised to help her get rich if she took care of him. To revive the paper flowers, his mistress had to give a drop of her own blood for each new color. But she had to promise that no matter what happened, she would not give her last drop of blood.
    So the flowers came to life in the hands of the girl. People were enchanted by their beauty and bought them, and money began to pile up. One day, however, the parrot’s mistress fell in love with a handsome boy, who was unfortunately very greedy. To satisfy his whims, the girl had to make even more flowers. It got to the point that it gave its last drop of blood and died, and from this last drop the flower Magnolia was born.When you upload another photo you can post this interesting story


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