Love What You Have

Have you ever met anyone who is very content? I have a friend who seems to have become completely content in the moment. At almost any point she can say “Let’s just take a moment to be content with what is right now.”

The first time she said we were waist high in freezing cold river water that was destroying their property. I think I just glared at her. She said with a smile,”We are alive. We are together. The water is certainly refreshing and it won’t last forever.” We burst into laughter and continue on trying to save what we could.  

That moment carried us for about an hour. An hour later we were cold, tired, grumpy and losing the fight. She said “It’s time to love what is, you first.” I glared at her. “I can’t feel my feet at all they don’t hurt.” She screamed “Bravo”. (I think if i could have moved I would have tackled her into that cold river wate)r instead I said “you go.”  “I love that you are still here and can’t reach me.”  Again we burst into laughter and kept fighting the good fight.

It is easier when there is someone there to ask the question, what can help you be content right now?

Today, 40 years ago my sister got married. Her husband passed away two years ago and today is hard for her. She called because her brother in law is in the hospital and his wife thinks he might not make it through the night. It is not a surprise it has been a long time coming. She yelled at me “Just don’t let it happen today. I cannot handle it today.”  So I tried “what can help you be content right now?”

She screamed, “Nothing absolutely nothing.” I just remained silent and stayed on the phone. After some tears she said “I have 5 great kids, wonderful grandchildren and more good memories than bad memories. So I am going to be content for 30 seconds.” We hung up.

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Written by Ghostwriter


  1. I know how your sister is feeling since losing a loved one is very painful. There is a saying that “Time heals all wounds.” The good news is that the death of a loved is part of life. Best advice is to continue the good work of the person that passed away and remember that a loved one is not really dead if we remember them.

  2. As hard as it is for what your sister is going through as they say this too shall pass. On August 17, 2017 when I found out my husband was not coming home from the hospital that he had died I was standing all alone in an old decrepit two-story house in Riga, Latvia and I thought I would just perish right then and there. BUt then I thought no one would ever know about the love I had for my husband and that he was my soul mate. I was alive and I had a future and so I had to decide what to do. I have always been strong in my faith so I put my hand in the Lord’s hand and said help me go on. Those first had months and the nightmare of goodbyes was over and the love of my life came to comfort me. I have a storn sense for the world beyond and him being there helped greatly. By the time the awful cold winter was over my first was alone but grateful for the help of his daughter my stepdaughter who lived in a city close by I knew I was going to live. By the end of spring my house had been sold, I left the painful memories behind, had positive proof that my cat Sid and I were accompanied on our two plane journey by my dear departed one and now I am living in Daytona Beach Florida since June 20 2018. If there is faith, if there can be contentment found if things can become right again I am living proof of that. Suddenly I have an urge to sing Gloria Gaynor’s song I Will Survive

  3. So sorry for what your sister is enduring. Life can be very unfair. I never thought I would get through the losses and heartaches I have endured, as well as many others. But in the darkest moments I always try my very best to find something to hold onto. A memory perhaps. Anything to keep me going one more hour, one more day. Life can be very unfair.