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A New Beginning (Part 25): Contentment

Being content has been a key for me while waiting out this pandemic.  By using the resources that I already have instead of focusing on what I do not have has made the quarantine life quite enjoyable.  By remaining content, I realize that I already have more than enough to win this challenge within my life.

The people that you see screaming on TV about not having a haircut or not being able to go the gym are impatient people that are not content with their lives.  All of the people that are at beaches this weekend are not content with their lives.  Instead of being content with their lives, they become the new potential spreaders of Covid-19 into the summer months.

People complaining about reopening are not content with their lives.  People complaining in general are not content with their lives.

Now, I ask you.  Are you content right now?  If you have not taken any time over the past two months to evaluate yourself, then you still have time to become grateful for what you already have.

  • Are you content?

    • Yes
    • No
    • No


What do you think?

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    • That does make sense. I think that you are already content then because I am content, but I am also frustrated over the past few months. Also, I look at South Korea and they have already restarted baseball, while the MLB is way far away from starting the season. I’m content because I can still watch some baseball even though the frustrations are within my mind.


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