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I don’t know how come  I listened to this song and I am not sure I have ever even heard it before. When I heard it today it had a great impact on me here and now. I often wonder why we all want what we don’t have. It seems like there is a bit of that in every soul. I guess that is why we can dream and dreams have value. After we dream the next thing we should do is look around and appreciate what we have and work on making that even better. I have not been great at doing that this past year. I have allowed myself to spend way too much time on the dark side of things. That needs to change and I need to step up. It’s not anyone else’s job to make me content and happy. That is totally under my umbrella. However, a little help from friends is always appreciated. So here is what I am asking of you! (Yes, all of you it takes a whole dang village). If you see me trotting down a dark path where I don’t belong, just drop me a note in comments, “Did you misplace your umbrella?”


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  1. I remember this song from the movie. Silly snowman had no idea he would melt in the summertime. Do you know how I remind myself about things? If I am thinking things I should not be thinking or doing things that I am not sure I should do I stop and ask myself WHY??? If I can answer the question then I keep doing what I am doing but if I cannot explain then I stop what I was doing and recharge my batteries lol


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