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Love Lasts Three Years by Frederic Beigbeder

Writer F. Beigbeder is one of the most famous contemporary French writers. A star of television, media, advertising, nightclubs.

For most, the saying that love lasts three years is certainly familiar. But did you know where that saying came from?

I didn’t expect much from this book. I didn’t really like the cover of the book either. However, after reading the book over two evenings, I realized that I was probably wrong.

The book describes newly divorced Mark’s psychological state, his search for a recipe to make him feel better (for this, he even made a list of sad songs to listen to in order to get to the bottom).

Mark’s character is very well described at the very beginning of the book. Mark’s opinion about marriage is ruthless. According to him, marriage is a huge mechanism of deception, hellish cheating, lie.

He describes the divorce process without any embellishments (he misses being surrounded by friends, just like he was on his wedding day). The hero’s sarcasm on marriage leads to a smile (to put it mildly ).

Mark (though throughout the book I felt like it is the author’s own surviving things) throughout the book tries to explain that the trouble of love is that to be happy you need security and to be in love – insecurity.

I liked the writing style of this author – as if sarcastic, ridiculous, but at the same time “catching in deeper” and making me think.

The book was read by me very quickly and it was very aptly written. The novel is full of interesting expressions and seems to have some thoughts that can become slogans of surviving.

“The most beautiful holidays are those that take place within us.”

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