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Love gives wings

Love. There are thousands of books written about it, endless films, countless joyful and heartbreaking poems – how powerful, important, and how strong power it is. Often people say that love makes the world spin.

Out of love, people travel to far corners of the world – where the heart calls. For the sake of love, people sometimes give up their dreams or change them with others. When love warms us, we are not afraid to go out for a walk on the white paths, even when winter, snowbanks,  and the thermometer column falls down too much or in a big wind and rain.

Because of love, people change – they smile more often, laugh more fun, and look at the world from a different angle. Love makes people better. Warmer, more sensitive, and more vulnerable.

Only great love gives wings and adds butterfly flutter in the heart.

Love. Both today and every day.

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