A Squirrel Begged A man To Help Her Baby, Who Was in Trouble

How do you feel about squirrels? I, for one, never get bored with watching them. They run around, racing each other, jumping from tree to tree, fluffing their tails and shaking up the branches. But they never let me get a close look at them, running away as soon as they notice me. That’s why the stories I will tell you today are so incredible.


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  1. i don’t know if this story is true so my apologies upfront.

    A friend of mine told me of a squirrel that used to steal all the food in his bird feeder. So he changed the feeder so the squirrel couldn’t steal the birdseed.

    The next day he was out in this yard and an acorn landed near him. He thought nothing of it.
    Another day passed he was int he yards and another acorn landed near him.
    A third day and another acorn.
    A fourth day and the acorn hit him.
    A fifth day and it landed by him.
    He removed the barrier to the birdseed.
    On the sixth day, no acorns landed near him.

    again, I’ve been told this story I do not know if it is true.

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