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Lolly has disappeared

It is two weeks now and Lolly has not returned  This is the first time that Lolly has stayed away for so long.  We have had cats before who did that and one had returned after 3 years. 

This is the last photo I clicked of Lolly.  He is waiting for my return to the computer.  He always gave me company wherever – in the garden, in the kitchen, watching tv………….

I miss Lolly.  Hope he will not do what our other pets did.  Lolly loved his siblings and was good to them.

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  1. Oh, this reminds me. This will be hard to believe, but it really happened to a cat of mine. We had some friends of my mom and dad come visit for a few days, and they had brought their motorhome. They lived 1700 miles away in Texas. I live in California. There is a whole lot of desert between here and there. They left, and we got a call the next night. They were 1000 miles away and had stopped to refuel and look for a place to park to stay the night, when out from under the RV, our white persian cat ran out and ran away through a fence into a field in the dark of night. They called and called, and decided to stay there for the night, and left food and water out. The next day no cat, so they stayed an extra day at the gas station. Still no cat. So the went home, and called us saying how sorry they were. 1 year and a month went by and we get a call from the neighbor saying that our white cat was under her house and meowing loud. We went down and got her. All of her nails were gone, the pads of her feet were raw. She was mostly grey, and matted. She was screaming still, meowing wildly. We took her to the vet and she had two broken legs and broken pelvic bone. She made it 1000 miles through the desert, in winter and summer. She lived to be 14 years old. Her name was Lori.


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