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Live your life for yourself, not for those around you!

I know that everything that is given to me – both bad and good – all have sense. Difficulties harden us, make us strive for development and not stop, and grace must be accepted as a gift. Any lessons learned, signs sent, or coincidences that determine life – all of which makes me happy.

Once upon a time, I saw a movie whose title I don’t even remember. But there was a good scene: a woman who was still unsuccessful in everything, got advice – when things get really bad, just change your hat.

It means you should change attitudes, get rid of prejudices, look your fears in the eyes. I have since fallen in love with hats and change them – both in a real and a figurative sense.

So let’s change hats, drink delicious coffee in mysterious places, live as if we were dancing the tango for ourselves, not for others – with passion.

 Live your life for yourself, not for those around you!

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  1. I tend to think that living your life totally only for yourself tends to develop you along selfish lines misaligned to love, if you do not watch out for this trap.

    On the other hand, living it entirely for others, does not allow you to grow as yourself, and so you stay ungrown on the shelf of your own house, while growing weeds in other’s gardens instead.

    Better to be yourself, but also to give of yourself to others, the flowers that grow on your own bush in your own garden, rather than trying to replicate what you think others want, and so growing weeds instead of your own rose bush, in their garden.

    We can never know really what others want, but we can always know what we want.

  2. Carol said it well as this is great advice. Right now in my old age, I live for myself. I still take care not to offend anybody or take too much space but what I do I do for me. But Runt, my cat takes also precedence as he is very attention demanding. Ha! Ha!

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