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Lesson: Letter M

This is the first lesson for my second child which is to teach her the letter M. Though not being officially taught, she already knows all the letters. I still think it’s important to follow the lesson plan and teach her the letter with storytelling and drawing.

I followed my mentor and told her the story of “Simeli Mountain”, which is a fairy tale written by Grimm Brothers. Before the lesson, I drew a picture of the story with the mountain in capital M and the door in small m. I used three primary colors of beewax crayons to draw this picture.

Though Chinese is our native language, the curriculum and resources that I have are mostly in English, hence I read the story to my child in English in the first time, and then I told her the story again in Mandarin, which is our mother tongue. I hope by the way, my children will get to learn English and still be good at their native language.

I like the concept of relating a letter to a story, and I believe children will learn better and have more fun by listening to stories, and they will always remember it well.

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    • Is it that you don’t like some of the fairy tales, or how it is written?
      There are some fairy tales I have made some amendments when I told to my children, especially when they were still young.

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