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Daily writing practice

I have been thinking how I can motivate my eldest son to learn how to write. He likes to read, but I haven’t really teach him how to write yet. Sometimes when I asked him to write, he just didn’t show the interest of doing so, though he still wrote some short stories.

I always think daily practice helps. I just thought of this plan: Ask him to take a photo and then write a short essay. He saw how I write in Virily before, hence he understood. I plan to upload his photo and writing to my Instagram account daily too, or perhaps I’ll find another platform for that as I don’t really like how Instagram works. This makes him more interested in writing, as he gets to choose what to capture.

Hopefully this will motivate him and improve his writing skills too. I need to learn how to teach him to write too.


Picture credit: @kaka135 – This is the first photo my son chose, a toy from McDonalds.

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