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Kneel And Bow ~ Sky Sunday

Without looking up, I could even see the beauty of the sky. In fact, I had to kneel and bow to enjoy high beauty. See… I, and surely you too, can move the beauty of the sky into a bucket, so it can also be in our hearts and minds or consciousness too, right?

Indeed, the mindset that has long been installed in our brain often makes it difficult to find simple ways to see and understand beauty, as well as peace and happiness. But, surely there are also ways to change that stiffness if we want and strive for it.

Stairway to the sky is our mind, so why don’t we put our feet on our heads? To reach God, to know the true self, the higher self, to understand pure Love which is completely different from what we have known so far, to achieve all that highest success, trample on your rational thoughts and pride.

  • Could it be that we occasionally let go of the rationality of the mind to understand and realize the simplicity of true life?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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    • Wow! That’s a great thought, Pamela.

      You are right, the kneel and bow are subjective because that is my posture when I take the photo, but isn’t that kind of gesture done by people who pray, meditate, and others who describe a form of respect for something much higher, greater, and more powerful as the highest mystery of physical man?

      About rational, is it objective and subjective, I think we can find the answer through our way, or the way people think in general in facing life.

      • It is the same as people’s opinion of art or creative writing. Subjective. People can vary in their opinions.
        Oddly enough, people are often influenced by so called, “Experts” in art. Possibly half the stuff they have on their wall is to match the wall paper and they probably don’t like it but do it for prosperity.

        I think its really important to think for yourself and make up your own mind.

  1. Beautiful picture. I always feel good when I am totally alone sitting outside either at the very first light or during the late evening when the sun sets. But the rest of the day with all its chores, working schedule etc. and people surrounding me is very taxing. So whenever I am alone, I relish that time like you would not believe.

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