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Justin Trudeau Grew Beard

Justin Trudeau grew beard and trending on social media. The Canadian Priminister this style has become very popular worldwide. Spokes person to Priminister Mr Adam Scott shared justin trudeau latest picture from his Instagram Account, In which he is thinking at something and also have beards on their face. 

Justin Trudeau’s father has been Canada’s prime minister from 1968 to 1984, took oath as the 15th Prime Minister. Justin Trod contested from the Liberal Party of Canada platform in 2015 and was elected prime minister/ Later in 2019, the people expressed their confidence on him and he succeeded in overwhelming majority.

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    • I have heard about Justin Trudeau from one of his very closest that now a days Justin Trudeau is reading and understanding the Islamic religious Scripture ” The Holy Quran” and growing beard is the Sunnah of the prophet.

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