G-7 Meeting Negative End Due to Trump Negative Behavior

The Group meeting of the developed countries ended with the American President Donald Trump’s negative behavior.

According to the International News Agency, Organization of developed countries, G-7, has ended a two-day meeting in Canada.However, due to the unnecessary and negative behavior of the US President Donald Trump, the end of the meeting could not be concluded, which has hit a lot of US allies in the group.

The Donald Trump had returned to meet the head of the North Korea President before the final conclusion of G-7 meeting. While traveling from Canada for Asia on the last day, President Trump ordered his representatives not sign the joint declaration of the G-7 meeting, which could not continue the announcement.

On the other hand, US President criticizes the G-7 meeting Host and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and defended taxes imposed on the steel and aluminum aluminum from the US And G-7 countries did not respond positively to the proposal. European countries also had aggressively responded to the tax imposed by the US. Due to which the tax issue has become a serious diplomatic conflict.

It is clear that the American President with reputation for controversial statements describes the economic war as a favorite. China had imposed taxes on exported goods from European countries, in which China had imposed tax on American products.


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  1. Let’s just take a look a the picture in this post. Who looks like the aggressor? You have several people in a defensive position, closed and protecting themselves and two aggressors. Interesting picture, I would say it speaks volumes. What do you think about that?


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