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My Son Eli ~ Happiness ~ Just For Fun Challenge!

Most of you are probably familiar with @Kim_Johnson ‘s just for fun challenge.  For June the theme is Happiness.

One things that bring me happiness is my family, and that includes my son Eli.   

Eli is 4 and a half now….I can’t believe he is that age already!  We’ve applied him for head start (preschool) so hopefully he’ll get to go in the fall. 

There are more things that make me happy, so I will be posting about them soon.   

What makes YOU happy?  If you have something….you should share it as part of the Just For Fun challenge! 


What do you think?

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  1. AWE, kiddo! I feel like I know him, thanks to your posts. I remember when he was just a chubby baby. How in the world is he 4.5 already. lol time flies. Head start is great, my youngest was in it. By the time they start kinder garden they know all the stuff already. : ) Hope he gets in, he will love it!

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