Just for fun Challenge!

I have long been a fan of looking beyond the atmosphere of earth, of seeing the moon and beyond. In the summer of 1969, i was glued to the TV watching Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstong on the moon.

just for fun, a little something from deep space!

“One Small step for man. One Giant Leap for mankind.” Perhaps the most talked-about A since the letter was invented.

Just for fun takes you to the moon and back!

Continuing the let’s share challenge started by Karen – here is the post that inspired me today for Just for Fun!

seed the anniversary by a day, but today is close enough! Just for fun in space!

Anyone can join the just for fun challenge – just post a fun video (or two or three) and away you go! The just for fun Mashup is the combining of two challenges. Today just for fun and let’s share!

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