Just for fun and Toy Fire Trucks

I am a huge fan of Drones. I am between drones right now, and I wish i had one!

The second video is one I’ve made and share every day on other sites.

I call it yesterday’s weather forecast, today! So far in the more than 4 years, I have shared yesterday’s weather, I have not missed a single prediction of the weather that was!

I’ve had many toys in my life. I still have toys to this day. The firetruck in the picture is incredibly special to me. Mine was purchased in Paris France and lovingly carried from France to Thailand. I played with it, all but one of the read ladders are gone now. The string that allowed you to raise the hook and ladder is gone. 

But i have it in my office and it has been with me in every place I have lived. I love that toy. 

Anyone can join the Just for FUn challenge – just use the title Just for fun and share some things that make you happy!!!

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    Memory can be funny sometimes.

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What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    • as they used to say on the news “let’s go to the tape.” i worry that we have people that argue with a tape clearly showing them doing something. That isn’t fake news, that is the person lying.

      but then the other side when things are said, and there is no video it is just sad.


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