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Japan’s first female fighter pilot

The first female fighter pilot in the Japanese Air Force became part of the regular air force after completing her training.

The 26 year old Lieutenant Mesa Matsushima, has the honor of being the first female pilot to fly a warship in Japan’s Air Self Defense Force.

Mesa says that she loved watching warplanes during her school days watching Tom Cruise’s movie ‘Top Gun’ and that time she wished to become a War[lane pilot.

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    What was your childhood dream ?

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    • No
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    If given chance what would you fly warplane or Boeing 747 ?

    • Warplane
    • Boeing 747


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  1. She looks so cool! It’s nice to know there are female fighter pilots as well. I am also happy to know there are more opportunities open for female in many countries.

    I have never liked fighting or being in a war, hence I won’t choose to go on a warplane.

    I had different dreams when I was young, one of them was being a teacher. I am a homeschooling mom now, so I kinda fulfilling my childhood dream by forcing my kids to be taught by me. 😀

  2. I like men and women who redefine gender roles.
    I never had odd dreams as a kid, I changed my ambitions quite often though, and I still do.
    Oh look, a rockstar! I want to be one!
    Oh look, a teacher! I want to be one!
    Oh look, a doctor! I want to be one!
    Oh look, a cook! I want to be one!
    Oh look, a street cleaner! I want to be one!
    I wanted to be almost everything. ?

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