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I've Got Your Back

There are times in life when it is simply good to know that someone has your back. Today after a long and truly tough day at work, I just wanted to crawl into a warm bath and relax. There’s much to do and that had to go by the wayside. Was it worth it, absolutely. 

First someone from work was not happy about anything. I just let it go and walked away from the chaos. One young man followed me and said “You wanna know what keeps me here?”


“It’s knowing that you’ve got my back. You always stand up for the underdog.”

I laughed “Well you certainly don’t qualify and an underdog and thanks for the compliment.”

  • Does someone always have your back?

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Written by Ghostwriter

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  1. If anyone has my back it can only be two choices either my dear cat Sid who looks out for me or the spirits of my loved ones. I have noticed when things seem to go a bit awry suddenly they just turn around and I say, Thank you, Lord, because I know I have been blessed with help from above.

  2. I never had that experience as a child, if I came home battered and bruised the rest of my family also gave me a beating because I was late home.

    When I met Warwick he and I got on well and we always have each others back.

    I can forgive my family because they don’t know anything else different and tear each other up at the 1st time they trip over their toes..

    In life, it is always great to know others are not always hard on you and back you up

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