Is Vivaldi the Fastest Browser?

Are you using other web-browsers other than Google Chrome?

Google Chrome may be the most popular and widely used browser to date. However, there are other browsers out there built for different purposes. I myself have been trying and different browsers for quite some time.

Today I will start sharing with you my experiences with the different browsers. To start this mini-series about web-browsers, I will feature Vivaldi.

Vivaldi was designed for speed. In the early years of Chrome, it was also a fast browser. At some point in time, it was indeed the fastest browser when it comes to loading and rendering web pages. However, with all its added features plus the extensions, it has become a bit sluggish for me. So I tried other browsers. So far, Vivaldi I find Vivaldi quite faster.

I did a comparison test between Vivaldi and Chrome. I loaded at least hree pages and compared it’s loading and rendering speed. The sites that tried are

  2. (a web-based graphic design app that I use)
  3. YouTube (the front page only)

With Virily and Pixteller, the difference in speed is barely visible. But when I loaded Youtube, it almost took Chrome twice as much time to load and render the front page compared with Vivaldi.

Aside from the speed, Vivaldi can be customized. It has at least built-in themes that you can choose from when you run it for the first time. The one in the picture is the blueprint theme.  You can also relocate the tab bar. What surprised me is, it has built-in tools for screen-capture and taking notes. The screen-capture tool allows you to take a screenshot of the whole page or part of it.

What it lacks mainly is its own extension site. However, since it is built out of the Chromium project, it can access and make use of any Chrome extensions.

Note: On the second question, I was supposed to change the options with the names of the browsers, but when I added the second question, it did not appear. So, if you may, please write the name of the other browsers that you are using or have tried.


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    • Vivaldi is a relatively new browser. Chrome is still my main browser. I use it more often, especially if I use some app that needs to sync with my phone.

      Currently, I use Vivaldi when I need a little more speed. 😀

  1. So let’s talk about what slows browsers down.

    1. your cache (if you want to do a fair speed test you have to clear the cache on both browsers).
    2. extensions – you have to turn off all extensions. For example, Google Owns Youtube and loads the Youtube extension by default, it improves the experience for the user.

    The other thing, of course, is related to your computer. There are many variables there that impact the overall browsing experience.

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