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When people work together towards a common goal, like most of us do, on Is this all there is to being part of a tribe, or does that even qualify being considered part of a family?It’s easy to find people with like minds and goals, just choose any topic under the sun, join its related forum and you are one of them.But is that sufficient, to then refer to them as your tribe?    Here on Virily, you may enjoy working with some people who you really like. So, you read their posts and even comment on them.But while it is great to interact and you can learn from one another to avoid repeating their mistakes.Is this sufficient, to call these writers on Virily, a tribe?life is surely more than making several connections on Virily and finding things in common.So, perhaps some folks will be happy to learn and work together, some stranger things have happened.But, does that make them kith and kin to you, or your tribe?

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