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In the face of global infection

When you think about it, this feeling of unreality, like the unexpected collective moving into the reality of a movie or series, is not new. This has already happened. When the twin towers fell. Then it also seemed like fake Hollywood special effects, not knowing why they were created and displayed all over the world at the same time.

Epidemics in human history, of course, are not something unheard of or exceptional, but on the contrary, they are many and varied, sometimes even deliberately triggered and can be used as a biological weapon to purify vital space. Just our memory is too short, we do not have the skills and experience to remember them, and to respond to them at least in a more appropriate way.

That is why the global spread of disease from China, and now the announced global quarantine, has so easily pushed us out of our routine, out of the comfort zone, causing relentless anxiety, fears or even hard-to-manage panic erupting in periodic wiping of store shelves.

Apparently, with food or toilet paper  we are supposedly prepared for the worst case scenario, physical and psychological security is expected

Even though in the disaster films we’ve been surprised by the disruption and distraction of the characters in the face of natural disasters,  but now in supermarket warnings every few minutes to keep a space at least a meter from each other, we feel unrealistically and scared.

The world suddenly turned into such an unfamiliar, fragile, and invisible enemy, as if an unarmed hungry beast, was sliding and falling from ambush. One can only hope that immunity roulette will be merciful to you.

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