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I'm Serious ~ Sky Sunday

I am always serious every time I say that nature presents beautiful poetry, or plays grand orchestras, or exhibits masterpiece paintings. I also do not make it up if I say that all of the natural offerings greatly affect my life. Also, don’t think that I brag if I say that your beauty also exists together with all that natural beauty.

Maybe because I often joke or much use figurative words, then my words can be regarded as owl songs that miss the moon. Or it could be because my face is less haunted, less serious, less Einstein, then my words can be considered as passing wind. But believe me that I always brush my teeth every time before I talk about the beauty of nature that has always fascinated me, touched, and harmonized the peace of my heart. A beauty that never fails to clean the crusts of life from my stupid brain, as well as the beauty of the evening sky, which I showed you for Sky Sunday post this time.

May natural beauty always be in harmony with all your beauty, O my dear friends.

  • Is the beauty of nature or the beautiful sky able to free the beauty of your heart?

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  1. There is a magic in that moment as the day becomes night, as we look out to the sky that is in transition. It lets us anticipate what will be (night) but still recall what was (day).