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If You Want To Fly – Let Go

If you want to fly Give up everything that weighs you down. – Buddha 

We often step into new ventures, new lives or perhaps new careers carrying the weight of the past with us. Carrying negative memories and hurts from the past into the future is like allowing the ghosts from the past to destroy the beauty and the promise of the future.

Openness is the only way to learn, change and improve.  That doesn’t means that our experiences from the past are worthless, We need to be clear about what we carry into the future. It is important to carry what we learn from the past into the future, only the past learning that aids growth, not the negative emotions that may accompany those life lessons.

Negative thoughts and emotions weigh us down and are better left behind.  Carrying them around doesn’t let us soar to the heights we want to reach. They strip us of our freedom and trap us in negativity.

Leave the baggage behind – Fly high!!

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    It is not worth carrying hurt and pain with us right?

    • Yes
    • No
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    We need to give ourselves the freedom to fly – right?

    • Yes
    • No


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    • That’s right Doc. Tough but not impossible. A mother doesn’t bring life into the world without pain, a child cries with the pain of separation as soon as it is born. Beginnings are tough but we cannot hang on to the past. Getting out of our comfort zone is often like the separation anxiety faced by a child on the first day at school.

    • Hmm.. sometimes it is hard to ask the question directly so we tend to use right or agreed. It still conveys the same message without being too direct I think.
      Sometimes is a great answer too, I do include it in my questions often.

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