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I thought everyone could use some good news

The biggest draw for me honestly on this site is the community. I have long had beautiful conversations on this site. Without comments, I am not spending as much time here, and it is something I miss. So like yesterday, let’s start with the positive message. The fact that comments are seen (number) but not seen (visible to be replied to) shows the admin team is working on the site. We have had a couple of glitches like this over the years. So yay, the admins are working on the site.

A number of us have noticed subtle changes. Roughly four or five days ago (or so), the long bug of not being able to embed videos in polls went away. That is good for those of us who like votes (me) and embed objects (Just for fun videos). That is another yay!

We have had authors’ posts approved two Mondays in a row. Start your work week off with new posts! So that is a muted yay, but still a yay.

One of the things I have always done is modified my messaging based on the feedback of other authors (sometimes I get told I should focus on different things._ I miss the feedback. I have gotten a few PM’s, but I decided to have some fun today. So, there is the positive we have right now. It is frankly more than I thought it would be by a bit.

I am always curious about what people see on the site, but I can’t ask for comments until that is fixed. I will put a few poll questions up with some of the things I am curious about.

So I will end with the happy news – some things have improved! That is always a perfect thing!

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    are quizzes fixed?

    • Yes
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    what about the polls better?

    • Yes


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